Harvesting Ice on the Hudson
From: The Daily Graphic
Illustrated Evening Newspaper
January 15, 1881

The New York Daily Graphic, from what I have been told, was one of the first daily newspapers in the country. Its pages were a little wider and a little shorter than our modern day newspapers. This issue had 12 pages and many wonderful drawings. I'm not sure if photographs were being used by the newspapers at that time.

A subscription cost $12.00 per year (about 3 1/4 cents each ) which included postage to any part of the United States or Canada. Single issues were 5 cents! Our local newspaper, The Providence Journal, costs $255.00 per year (mailed within the U.S.) and single issues are 50 cents each. How's that for inflation!

I scanned each text block and picture individually so that you can really see the details. Be sure to check out the other "primary source" material on Ice Harvesting U.S.A.
Mr. Round

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